Identify The Creatures In The Images

This quiz has for you creatures that range from the most recognizable to extremely rare ones. Whether endangered or not, these creatures and the millions more that populate the Earth are what that give it a completeness. If you are a lover of all things living, you will love the coming set of questions that include animals, birds and insects just for you to identify.

Much in contrast to America where cats are treated as endearing pets, the same feline creatures are served as a delicacy in China. Nearly 4 million cats and 10 million dogs are believed to be slaughtered every year in China and they account for a majority of such global cases. According to The Humane Society of the United States, most of such animals are either pets or strays that are captured and kept in cages. The Chinese tradition of eating dogs, especially, dates back thousands of years even though they are often kept as pets. Each year in June, a dog meat festival is held in the city of Yulin in southern China where live dogs and cats are sold specifically for consumption and an estimated 10,000 are slaughtered for their meat.

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